maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

Summa summarum

So the digital business course has come to its end. It has been a joyful ride, with valuable learnings. I have to say, it has been the best course so far in the time I have been in Laurea. The course had a very wide angle to marketing and digital business and we covered almost all of necessary to know for this state of our careers. A subject that really took it place in my memory was inbound marketing, a term, that I was not so familiar with earlier. The spark came from ECommerce fair when I listen to a keynote and took 5 pages of notes.

In summary, My course has looked this;

The first week, I was struggling to get back to writing a blog. The course seemed very interesting and I had high hopes for it. My hopes were archived and I in a matter of fact learned lots of new things. The second week, I wrote two blogs. First I raged about the fact that it is not acceptable to make students do jobs for free that should be reserved for professionals. That was and still isn't the purpose of an internship. That week I also wrote a blog about a video making and shared some tips I learned the hard way. The third week of blogging writing was the highlight of this blogging spring since it was selected to be the blog of the week. That blog was about visuality and what makes a good website, visually. A week after that, I wrote about copywrites and why they are important. I recommend reading that if you wonder where you can take pictures from. Rest of the February's blogs were not very special since I was absent one week.  In the sixth week, we had an inspirational speech from Ronja Salmi, and I got really good writing tips.

In March we had the law week, which I was a bit disappointed with, The Ecommerce Fair and the super long post I wrote about it. The eight-week was very interesting also, circling around a subject of influencer marketing. The week after that was also interesting, we had a lecture about SEO and google analytics, all things useful for all marketers. I have also written about visuality, and how I gave my first lecture. In April, I started working full time, so I was absent for the rest of the course, unfortunately. But to compensate that I have already learned a lot while working. I wrote punch of compensatory posts, you can find them under here.

I have had a lot of fun on this course, and wish that there was more courses like this in Laurea. Maybe in future school system evolves into something more useful. :)

tiistai 18. huhtikuuta 2017

Study case of Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. My first touch to his speeches was in the live stream that we organized last fall for Nordic Business Forum 2016. He also writes a blog which you can find from here;

He is a writer and he believes that if you want to publish a book you have to write every day, so he writes something into his blog every day. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and he is really a guru when it comes to marketing.
On his speech about how to get ideas to spread he tells on the example of sliced bread, and it's up comings in its early days. Even that all we eat nowadays in sliced bread, no one bought it then. He also showcases some examples in that worked, but why they worked? Because someone figured out how to make customers feel like they need the product. Otherwise, your product is no good. Customers need to feel that they need your product and that is how you succeed. And customers these days just don't care, they have much more choices and less time to make a pick of the product. The obvious thing to do is just to ignore.  Here he pulls out his famous purple cow example; if you see a cow while driving, you are just going to ignore it. But if the cow was purple, you would notice it. For a while, before it comes ordinary. This phenomenon can be seen in everything from marketing to news media. Everything remarkable is worth of attention.

There is much what he covers in this short speech but much of it is relevant to your course. Godin really dives deep to a basic idea of marketing and how it is something done wrong. The basic idea of marketing in to get your ideas to spread, and that is what he is saying. Don't do average mass marketing to average people, who are most likely to ignore you when consuming massive amounts of marketing in a daily basis. The key to spreading ideas to market to the target group, to the early adapters, because others will follow. Because those who love it will talk like crazy about it. and when people talk highly about your product, it is free marketing. For those first adapters, your new product is remarkable with a less effort than for average people. If one would market to the average people, it would not create same kinda hype that it would when marketing is targeted to fast adapters, those who seek out the best and newest things in their industry.

Being remarkable and focusing on those you want them to focus on. but you don't have to be super remarkable, you don't have to be the best. But very good is not good enough. Very good is averige. What you really have to do is figure out what people want and give it to them.

His speech really sums up everything we have learned, to buyer personas to creative marketing. I highly recommend watching couple of his speeches.

Importance of LinkedIN

LinkedIn in social media and networking platform for people working life. Like Facebook but for business. LinkenIn was launched in May 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs. One story short; LinkedIn is your CV online, and it makes networking and job seeking easier.

There are ways to level up your LinkedIn profile and if you don't already have a LinkedIn I highly recommend you to sign up, since that may change the direction of your career and have a high impact on it.

Let's have a concrete example. On February, I was a second year BBA student with a background in graphic design. On 3th or April, I started on my dream job, at Microsoft Finland.

I received a message on LinkedIn on February that I might be a talent that Microsoft Uni Recruiting team was looking for and they recommended me to apply. And I did apply and I got the job. Since they had already been interested in me, it higher up my chances to get the job, or at least I think so that it did.

So a well made and thought LinkedIn profile may get you a job. I put together couple tips and tricks I have learned over the years I have used LinkedIn and pass on the knowledge I was told by my ex-colleague when I first started filing down my profile.

Starting with the picture. Use a professional picture of yourself. Any picture you took of yourself in not a professional looking picture, so no selfieYourYou profile has been proven to get 11 times more views when you add pictures. the general rules apply to this one too, I hate to repeat myself, but avoid using blurry, old, or anyway else bad pictures of yourself. Think about what the picture tells you. In a creative side of business, the common ground for this a is a bit more flexible, but I chose to use professional looking picture too.

Add a summary of yourself. There you can summarize your working history, your skills or just tell about yourself more like about your hobbies and passions, link your social medias or a blog here.

Add a tagline. By this, I mean the short tagline that is located under your profile picture. As a default, this is usually your most recent job title. A tagline can be your title or phrase like "looking for new opportunities." It is the headline that other users see first, so make sure it's on the point.  The tagline should never be over 10 words, so it is still readable and useful. If you want to tell something more about yourself, fill in the summary.

Fill in your job and study history. The trick is to use titles that LinkedIn recommends and finds because this tables the recruiters to search people by titles and makes it easier to find you. You can add times you worked there or check the box for "I currently work here". That makes the job pop up in the list. You can also move those titles and organize them as you like. I recommend to put to most relevant one the highest, so it stands out.

Add your professional skills. You can add up 30 of them and LinkedIn will showcase you to 10 based the on a number of endorsements that your skill has or the order you have organized them. If you haven't done that yet, you are missing out an opportunity to optimize your profile for specific keywords and get quick endorsements. With the job titles, thise are an important part of your profile if your want to be found. Ask to be endorsed, so your friends and co-workers and endorse the skill they think you have. In the addition, Return the favor.

Showcase Specialized Certifications. If you haven’t completed a higher-education degree, the certifications section allows you to showcase your specialized educational achievements within your industry. Also, add your projects. That section is actually specially made for students who don't have much working experience or education, so make sure to add projects you have done to showcase your expertise.  To showcase more expertise ask and give recommendations. Time of recommendation letters is really over. Ask your boss or coworker to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn to showcase how you work in a team or on your skills. Maybe ask your school mate to write you a recommendation and write them a one in return.

When you filed down your profile, join groups that are valuable for your industry. For example, I am part of Social media Marketing group and have found very interesting ebooks and tips from there.

Last but not least; add everyone you know, your schoolmates, your coworkers, your boss. Network can really land you a job next time. 

tips & tricks to blogspot

I have really enjoyed this required blogging this spring. I made my first blog in 2008 when I was in 13. I wrote a blog on & off for three years from 2011 until I stopped from lack of free time. It was a shame since I was really surprised that I enjoy blogging as much as I do as part of this course.

I still invested lots of time on my blogs visual look and learned many tips and tricks during that time. Here is some that I have implemented or previously used on my blog.

How to get the picture as wide as a text?

First of all, you have to find out how wide your text part of your blog is. This is found under the Theme- section. Click Edit, and select the Adjust withds. there you can see what is the width of your whole blog and the column section. with little math you can are left eith the width of your text area. My blogs texts area is 1000 px wide but I edit my pictures to be 900px so it sits nicely together.
there is multiple free sotfwares on internet to size down your pictures, so you don't need photoshop for that. Why I recommend this; well take a look and say which one of these previews looks better;

What comes to your banner, that is for you to decide; I recommend your banner to be as wide as you blog is. In my case, my banner is bit smaller since the default size is 60 px smaller than the width of mu blog. Again, you don't need photoshop to create your banner, use Canva instead.

While uploading your banner from "ulkoasu" part of the settings, select "Otsikon ja kuvauksen tilalla" ( instead of headline & insert") to hide the headline of your blog.

If you want your banner to be smaller, but centered; here is a trick;

#header-inner img {margin: 0 auto;}

The above is CSS- code that can be used to change your blog's appearance when normal tools can't. That particular code is for centering the banner. 

You can add CSS- codes while editing your theme. Click more settings and scroll down to CSS and paste your code to there.  Click apply (käytä blogissa) after this to save the settings.

Blogspot has one little thing that annoys me when it comes to pictures. While back when I was updating a photography blog, it really struck out. The borders around the pictures. Code for that;

.post-body img, .post-body .tr-caption-container, .ss, .Profile img, .Image img,
.BlogList .item-thumbnail img {
  padding: none !important;
  border: none !important;
  background: none !important;
  -moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
  -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;
  box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px transparent !important;

Don't leave anything out.

With little code magic you can also choose any color ever for your highlight color, for example, the pink I use is #e1bcac. When writing your text, highlight the text you want to change color, and then change it any color. Then go to HTML side of the editor and find the text chapter you just highlighted. Find the part that says;  color: #ea9999, or any other number in this case. If you changed it to red it would be #FF0000 and so on. Change this color number to whatever number you want, in my case, it is the #e1bcac so it matches to my other visual elements on the site.

If you want your sidebars pictures to appear without a headline, for example, if you want them to be just pictures add <!> in the "headline" part when editing the gadget box. Also If you want to line your text to multiple lines in the sidebars use a <b />  in between the lines. <b/ > is equal to pressing enter in your HTML code.

I have also hidden my navigation bar, which is also a CSS code you can add while editing your theme;

#navbar-iframe:hover{opacity:1.0;filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishedOpacity=100)}

There is multiple sites that direct you on your blogging journey, just google and go explore.

maanantai 10. huhtikuuta 2017

I value sleep.

Around the time last nigth when I was getting ready to go to sleep,  there was not very many blogposts posted. And as I was absent during last week, I was supposed to find out from other peoples blogs what was discussed. And since I value sleep, I was not gonna stay up late just to wait around others to publish their blogposts and then start writing.

Others than blogs there was one blurry video posted about website UX, if I understood correctly since both image and audio quality was not good enough to me to actually find out what was the lecture about. Sadly no slides were posted, and I was unable to do notes from the lecture, because I could see the slides properly.

Based on those blogs that were very early to me to start writing this at bearable time, the topics discussed were digitalisation and wedsite UX and workshop about improving ones perform skills.

So Digitalization, "Integration of digital technologies into everyday life by the digitization of everything that can be digitized." I have no idea what was discussed furthermore in the class, and I don't want to copy paste from some else's blog.

the future of technology is already here but are you and your business using it to its fullest potential? People take a time to adapt to the news things, like the traditional taxi drives shaming Uber from taking their markets, when they could have made the same, used a similar app to distribute their services but they didn't. Because change is scary and why to change something that is already working?

This week we were also shared the feedback from of the lecture. I indeed have some feedback to give about this course. I think there are subjects that could be more useful and then topic that should have been discussed in early on the course like website UX, SEO, social media and social media marketing and all the inspirational/personal branding lectures could have been on the end part of the lecture; when the projects are already planned and almost ready. And lectures I would have wanted to see, or I could be useful for future students of this course like if we have 5 lectures about personal branding, why not one about the importance of LinkedIn and how to make a killer profile and get founded as a talent. If you read my old post, you can see some topic I wish we would have had. I will write about LinkedIn as my compensation post since I was founded that way and now I work for Microsoft.
One thing that I have thought would have been useful is how to give feedback, and then make students to comment each others blogs.

Apparently, this week there was also a lecture about web design and user experience. I tried to listen to the video of that lecture but the quality of the image was too poor for me to actually read the slides, and the audio wasn't the greatest either. You can read my previous blog post about web design here. 

How has my week been? Well on Monday, I started a new job at Microsoft Finland as a Creative Marketing Intern. Everyone in there is wonderful, and the food. I had a tiny white-thrash-moment since I literally cannot even. The food is ten times better than in our school cafeteria, and there is always at least eight options to salad, wok to freashly grilled things. I might not know how to cook, but I do love to eat.

As I already said that I value sleep, I didnt post this yesterday, since I was so tired and went to sleep early.